Nancy’s Mysterious Letter, by Carolyn Keene

More recycling! Nancy has a double again, except this time the double is in name, not in appearance. After a series of events that gets a bag of mail stolen, Nancy finds out that one of those stolen letters was for her, from a law firm in Britain. Her lawyer dad manages to get a copy of the letter from the firm, and though it is a really exciting letter about getting a huge inheritance, it is for a different Nancy Drew — who conveniently happens to be in the River Heights area just now. Nancy tries to track down this other Nancy, but of course there’s someone else out there who wants the inheritance and thus doesn’t want our Nancy finding other Nancy and blabbing about it. Confusing? Yes.

In exciting news, Nancy gets chloroformed, which if I recall correctly is going to happen about a billion times more in these books. I guess as long as she doesn’t go out on a boat anymore, her chances of danger will be about the same.

Rating: 7/10
(A to Z Challenge, Nancy Drew Challenge, Support Your Local Library Challenge)

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