The Secret of Shadow Ranch, by Carolyn Keene

George and Bess! George and Bess! George and Bess!

No Helen Corning this time. It’s all about my favorite cousins, George and Bess if you didn’t figure that out, and the mystery at their uncle’s ranch. Nancy has conveniently flown in to visit with George and Bess in Phoenix, where she finds out that their uncle is ready to pack all of the girls onto the next flight back to River Heights because his ranch is… wait for it… haunted. Were people in the 1930s really this gullible? Apparently.

Anyway, Nancy does some good sleuthing and gets to stay on to find out who is doing the haunting, and it turns out that it’s probably some bank robbers who have coincidentally kidnapped another of George and Bess’s uncles and brought him to Phoenix, where they discovered that there was treasure buried in them thar hills of Shadow Ranch and set out to find it. Of course, Nancy makes sure that doesn’t happen, but not before she has a few brushes with kidnapping herself.

Oh, and Nancy doesn’t do anything silly on the water in this book, but she and George and Bess do run out of it on their drive back to the ranch at the beginning of the book. Close enough?

Rating: 7/10
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