The Bungalow Mystery, by Carolyn Keene

Another Nancy Drew book, because it’s way easier to “read” these audiobooks on my drives than to read a physical book right now! But they’re still delightful, so that’s good.

In this one, things really start heating up for Nancy. First of all, she and her friend Helen get caught in a storm while in a boat (she also gets stranded in a boat in The Secret of the Old Clock; I think she should really avoid the water) and just when Helen is telling Nancy to save herself, an attractive (because everyone’s attractive in these books) 16-year-old called Laura shows up in her own boat to save the both of them! Huzzah!

The three of them take refuge in the titular bungalow (which we hear about all of maybe twice more in the book), and Laura tells Nancy her life sob story, which includes being a newly minted orphan and having to go live with new guardians soon.

Meanwhile, the lovely Hannah Gruen has sprained her ankle, so Nancy cuts short her adventurous vacation to go home and take care of Hannah while Carson Drew is off lawyering. Carson soon phones to get Nancy involved in his new embezzlement case, and while she’s investigating she also gets drawn in to Laura’s Case of the Really Crappy Guardians. These two cases [spoiler alert? I think not] end up being related in the end, and Nancy and Carson even find themselves in roles reversed from The Hidden Staircase, with Nancy all locked up and Carson attempting to rescue her.

These books are definitely getting more fantastic and melodramatic as they go; it kind of entertains me but at the same time I’m like, “Oh, come on, this totally does not all happen to the same attractive eighteen-year-old girl in the span of a few weeks!” But I guess it does, if said girl is Nancy Drew.

A fun note on the feminist side: Nancy Drew is such a threat at one point that she gets knocked unconscious by the bad guy. That’s pretty bad-ass.

Rating: 8/10
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  1. nashvillebookworm says:

    I picked up one of the classic ND books and the book on CD for my niece for her last b'day. I read these and the Hardy Boys back in the day and hope she'll share my enjoyment of them both. She is addicted to the Junie B. Jones books….

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