Links of the Week

The big brouhaha today is over Amazon’s newest idiotic move… pulling all books from publisher Macmillan from its direct sales (you can still buy them from third-party sellers). Interesting commentary is available from John Scalzi and Cory Doctorow. Add this to the already long list of reasons I won’t be leasing e-books anytime soon.

In case you need some awesome books to read, the Williamsburg Regional Library has put together a ridiculously extensive list of best books of 2009.

From the “news articles that are totally about me” file, here’s one about social reading, my favorite thing! (via LISNews)

Now, I’ve never seen Jersey Shore, but I know some of you guys have, so here’s something to delight you: a winter reading list for the show’s cast, “if they actually read.” (via The Book Bench)

This Confessions of a Book Pirate article is pretty interesting, especially this line: “Just because someone downloads a file, it does not mean they would have bought the product.” I certainly would not have read 131 books last year if I had had to buy all of them (thank you, library!), and nearly all of the books that I buy these days are ones that I’ve read first, then decided to buy, not the other way around. (via The Guardian)