The Hidden Staircase, by Carolyn Keene

Oh, I am so excited about listening to the rest of these Nancy Drew books on audiobook. They are just the perfect length and easy reading level for me to enjoy them in the car and while I work out. Sweet!

The story: Shortly after the Secret of the Old Clock case, Nancy finds herself itching for a new mystery. (Un)luckily for her, she gets two: the first in the form of a haunted house, the second in the form of a threat against her father. That second one is not so delightful. However, Carson convinces Nancy that he’s a grown man and can take care of herself, so Nancy goes off with her friend Helen to Helen’s family’s apparently haunted house. While there, Nancy meets up with the same person who warned her about Carson being in danger, and soon after Carson is totally kidnapped! It, of course, turns out that the two mysteries are actually one big mystery, and Nancy saves the day with her attractiveness and persuasiveness.

I don’t know if I noticed it more because I was listening, or if it’s just more in this book, but it seemed like there were a lot more references to Nancy’s attractiveness in this book. It didn’t affect her mystery-solving ability, though, so I guess that’s okay?

Another thing that’s more in this book is the extreme helpfulness of the police, who offer up an officer to watch the haunted house among many other services they provide for Nancy. I don’t think an eighteen-year-old would get away with that these days. “What’s that you say? That crazy old lady’s ‘haunted’ house might just have a thief sneaking into it from some hidden passageway? Well, in that case, let’s just send out an officer to earn quadruple overtime all night!” Yeah, no, not really.

Nancy is also slightly more amazing with her persuasiveness in this book; after the police have questioned a couple of people without getting any answers, Nancy just tells them that they should do the right thing and that they won’t get in too much trouble (like she can promise that?) and the people are just like, “Oh, right then. Confession time!” As though the police didn’t try that? I guess that’s where the “attractive teen” bit comes in, yes?

Whatever, I still want Nancy on my team when there’s a mystery to solve!

Rating: 7/10
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