Musing Mondays — Borrowed Books

Today’s Musing Mondays question is… “Where do you keep any books borrowed from friends or the library? Do they live with your own collection, or do you keep them separate? Do you monitor them in anyway.”

I’ve actually briefly mentioned this before in the communal bookshelves Musing Mondays post; my only non-communal “bookshelf” is the one that holds my library books. 🙂

I would never mix in borrowed books with my own books, because I want to get books back to people as much as I want them back!

Here is a delightfully terrible picture of my “shelf”, which lives under my desk and is therefore difficult to photograph:

The books inside the green box are library books I’ve borrowed, the one on top is finished and meant to be returned, and the books you can’t recognize next to the box are the ones I’ve borrowed from friends (or, really, had thrust upon me). I should really get on reading those…

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