Links of the Week

Links for you, as I try to learn how to use Microsoft Access through a set of tedious tutorials. When I am through, I will be an EXPERT. Maybe.

I love Candide, and so, apparently, does the New York Public Library — they are having a whole exhibit about it! I love that they’ve made some of it available online for non-City-dwellers like me. (via ResourceShelf)

This whole classic-literature-meets-ridiculousness thing is getting out of hand. Android Karenina? I can’t even get through the originals… (via The Book Bench)

This whole Twilight thing is getting out of hand. A graphic novel? Oy. It is, however, a must for the completist, as it apparently contains some scenes that were never in the book, as newly written by Meyer herself. (via Omnivoracious)

The title says it all: Poe’s mysterious stranger misses annual grave visit.

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