Links of the Week

File this under things that delight me: the return of The Baby-Sitters Club! I absolutely loved the BSC and read all of the original series, plus all of the mysteries and super-specials, plus nearly all of the Little Sister series, PLUS the California Diaries because I loved Dawn. Oh, and I had the computer game. And probably some other BSC stuff that I can’t even remember now. Love!

Here are some interesting thoughts on culling your book collection, from people who would know. My favorite bit of advice is near the beginning: “If a country, like Czechoslovakia, no longer exists, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to take the travel guide along with you when you go.” (via Omnivoracious)

If you’re instead looking to buy more books, check out the Book Sale Finder site, which lets you click on a state and find all of the upcoming book sales there as well as big sales in nearby states. I probably shouldn’t have clicked on this link; anyone want to come to a book sale with me? (via She Is Too Fond Of Books)

This list that stereotypes readers by their favorite author isn’t exhaustive — I couldn’t find an author I’d consider a favorite — but it is certainly entertaining. (via

I’m not sure if I could bring myself to use these pencils, but I wouldn’t mind becoming them.

I love the title on this post: Big Box Retailer Refers Customers To Indie Bookshop, Earth Shifts on Its Axis. (via The Book Bench)

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