December Wrap-up

Wow, another month gone! And another year at the same time! My year-end review will be up tomorrow to start the year off right, so let’s look at the lovely month of December today. I finished up my second semester of grad school, maintained an awesome 4.0, and still managed to read 11 books. Basically, I’m awesome, is what I’m saying (and modest?).

It wasn’t an especially delightful month of reading; I felt pretty lukewarm about most of the books I picked up, even the ones I was excited about. Oddly, my favorite, Shutter Island, almost went back to the library unread because I didn’t have high hopes for it. That should teach me, right? Maybe.

My greatest personal reading accomplishment this month was finishing off all of my challenges — it was looking a little iffy there for a while, but I did manage to defeat Sir Arthur Conan Doyle yesterday, finally, to close up the Case of the Baker Street Challenge. With any luck, next year’s challenges will go as well.

Now to the numbers…

Days spent reading: 29
Books read: 11
…in fiction: 11
…in mystery: 3
…in fantasy: 1
…in classics: 1
…in short stories: 1
…in young adult: 5
…in children’s: 1

Series reads: Unfortunate Events

Favorite book: Shutter Island, by Dennis Lehane (Review) 9/10

My Year of Reading Dangerously Challenge: +3 books for 12/12 Completed!
The Baker Street Challenge: +1 books for 3/3 Completed!
Back to School Challenge: +3 books for 4/4 Completed!
Critical Monkey Challenge: +0 books for 1/6
Countdown Challenge: +7 books for 27/55

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