The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle (? — 30 December)

I’m finished! Woohoo! I started reading this book shortly after I bought it in 2007, and then left off for two years, and then finally picked it up again… sometime earlier this year, and then ignored it again… goodness. But I have been making my way through the bulk of it over the last two weeks, and I can now say that I sort of know what this Sherlock Holmes fellow is about. Sweet.

I had read A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of the Four in my mysteries course senior year, and The Hound of the Baskervilles a few months back, and found them delightful, but I wasn’t really prepared for these short stories. In both the novels and the stories, Holmes gets called on a case, checks out the scene, makes some deductions, and solves the matter in a rather quick fashion, but in the stories, that’s it. There’s not a narrative to go along with the detecting; Holmes just does his thing and Watson reports it.

That’s not to say I didn’t like the stories. I just had to get used to them. 🙂 And… I don’t have much else to say about them! If you want a quick little reminder of how incredibly stupid you are, I recommend finding a Holmes story or two online and enjoying.

Rating: 7/10
(Baker Street Challenge)

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One thought on “The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle (? — 30 December)

  1. Becky says:

    I had been dying to read this… I admit I am little disappointed that the book doesn't sound as interesting as I had hoped. Oh well. If you are interested in a great memoir I just finished one that you might want to check out… “bipolar bare” by Carlton Davis. The book isn't written about anyone famous, but is a rather interesting book about the life of a person living with bipolar disorder… a real roller coaster ride from the depths of the drug addict’s hell to the creative soul’s high.

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