Let it Snow, by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle (18 December — 20 December)

I picked this book up both because I like John Green and Maureen Johnson and because it’s practically Christmas and I wanted to get some of that proverbial spirit going. Well, I still don’t have any Christmas spirit, but I did have a good time reading about people who do. 🙂

The book is three shorter interconnected stories: Johnson’s, the first, tells of a high-school girl called Jubilee who ends up stranded on a train in western North Carolina. Because of the scary cheerleaders who are also stranded with her, she treks away from the train as fast as she can, which is of course not very fast in snow that can strand a train. Jubilee ends up at a Waffle House where she meets a cute guy who offers her his and his mother’s hospitality for a few days. I think we all know what a mother’s “hospitality” is like. -eyebrow waggle-

Then Green comes in to tell the story of three kids who are friends with the manager at said Waffle House, who, by the time he calls, is looking at a room full of cheerleaders and wants to invite along Tobin, JP, and the Duke to ogle them. Of course, the Duke being a girl, she’d rather ogle maybe one of the other people I’ve already mentioned, so there’s awkwardness there, and oh, did I mention the snowstorm? Because there is some slow-tastic adventuring out in Tobin’s mom’s SUV just to get to the Waffle House. Current me is like, “Why would you go out in the snow like that???” but high-school me is like, “ADVENTURE!”

Myracle’s story is about a girl called Addie who is devastated over her breakup with Jeb, a bit player in the two previous stories (stuck on the train and then stuck in the Waffle House), even though it was all her fault. She’s pretty self-absorbed, but when her best friends and her manager and the old lady that comes in to Starbucks all the time all tell her so in the span of a couple days, she starts to take it to heart and tries to make up for all of her mistakes.

I’m always a little wary of teen romantic novels, because they’re always a little implausible, but this one is just completely implausible so it worked for me. 🙂 I don’t think any girls are going to be looking for romance in a snowstorm at the Waffle House (though, maybe), and after Addie is portrayed as a bad guy for wanting a storybook/movie romance… well, there’s a chance for teens yet!

Rating: 7/10
(Countdown Challenge: 2008)

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Pass me yours, if you’ve got ’em.

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