Invisible I, by Stella Lennon (30 November)

One (the only?) good thing about Scott getting sick on vacation is that I got to spend yesterday finishing up some homework and reading! Yay, reading. I hope he’s not still deathly ill today, but I did bring a lot of books with me….

Right. Anyway. The book I decided to curl up with yesterday is called Invisible I, and I had not heard of this book before I saw its bright pink cover on the YA shelves at my local library. As you might know, I am attracted to shiny things and things in neon colors, so clearly this book was for me! The inside cover sounded cool, too, talking about a high schooler disappearing and her only friend(s) (more on that in a second) having to go out looking for her. There is also an interactive website for the book, where apparently people can go to pretend to be Amanda’s friends and potentially change the outcome of the series. I declare that pretty cool.

The plot! Our protagonist, Callie Leary, is called into the vice principal’s office one day, and though she thinks it might be news about her disappeared mother, it’s not. No, instead, Callie’s friend Amanda has cut school and played a prank, which is not unusual except that this time Amanda has implicated Callie in the crime. Oh, and these two other people that Callie once associated with before she became an I-Girl (read: Heather [read: Mean Girl, if you’re a young’un]), but whom she’d rather not be seen with anywhere, let alone the vice principal’s office. The veep wants info on where Amanda went, but the three kids just don’t know… until they start getting clues from Amanda, who has apparently not run too far away and who apparently has plans to make Callie, Hal, and Nia BFFs for life. The search begins!

It’s a fun book. I remarked on the Twitters yesterday that it reminds me of Paper Towns, Mean Girls, and Veronica Mars rolled into one — Paper Towns for the friend what runs away and leaves clues behind, Mean Girls for the clique aspect and the “let’s wear green on Saturday” note (though there are some things that make a couple of I-Girls more Heathers than Mean Girls), and Veronica Mars for the disappeared mother and the multi-layered mysteries that it seems our intrepid heros will be solving. This is a good combination, but it does make the plotting a little choppy as the author jumps around.

Speaking of the author, I guess I should have added The 39 Clues to yesterday’s list, because a) there’s a different author for every book (though in this case there’s a pen name for the series) and b) it’s all interactive and stuff and some clues show up on the aforementioned website. Now I’m wondering what a collectible card game for The Amanda Project would look like. I am intrigued.

Rating: 8/10
(Countdown Challenge: 2009)

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