Musing Mondays (9 November)

Today’s Musing Mondays question: “Does your house have a communal bookshelf? If not, is your bookshelf centrally located so everyone has access to it?”

We’ve got three communal bookshelves in our house! Granted, they’re not very large or anything so it’s not really all that many books, but they exist. The main bookshelf is in our “fun room”, where the computers and video games are, and it holds Scott’s giant fantasy novels as well as my non-fiction collection and a few books that are awesome or at least look awesome. 🙂 Then we have two other bookshelves in the spare room that stay kind of hidden; they contain my TBR piles as well as the books I don’t care much for and also the rest of Scott’s books and some old textbooks.

The non-communal bookshelf hides under my desk in the form of a green box; it holds all of the library books I have checked out (at least, all the ones that fit) so that I can’t lose them as easily.

Story on that: I once lost a library book for something like six months. The last thing I remembered doing with it was taking it to work (on my last day!) and back; we cleaned the house but could not find it anywhere. We checked the cars, the basement, the spare room, under every bit of furniture, nothing. I figured I must have somehow left it at work even after cleaning out my space and gave the library their money. Then, one day, Scott’s sister came over to our house and wanted to “borrow” (read: take and never return) some books of Scott’s that she had found in a box. Guess what was at the bottom of that box? The book! I hadn’t liked it that much, so I gave it back to the library. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Musing Mondays (9 November)

  1. caite says:

    I had to 'buy' them at full price. the second time she did it I just never went back to that library in my town. happily there is a county library…and I started keeoing the books up way high

  2. Alison says:

    Caite — nice! I'm sure my parents lost more than a few books to their dogs over the years. 🙂 I had to do the same thing and pay full price for the book… thank goodness my library stops fines at the book price, or I'd have owed a heck of a lot more!

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