The LIS ramble

We interrupt your regularly scheduled book review post to bring you: Alison’s study break! That’s right, it’s Finals Time: Round 1 and I am cramming into my head all of the information I didn’t have time to put in there for the last five weeks. Sigh. It’s actually working out pretty well; it helps that I have Dr. Llewellyn C. Puppybreath III to amuse me. I wish I were kidding. 🙂

Since I haven’t been doing much in the last week that hasn’t involved the words “library science,” I figured I’d give all of you out there in Internet-land an update on my studies. I’m at the beginning of the end of my second semester of library school; one of my classes ends tomorrow, another next Tuesday, and another… in December, so I guess I don’t have to worry about that one yet.

It has been an interesting semester in that two of my classes were online and I was very worried ten weeks ago that this was going to be a terrible, horrible thing, that I wouldn’t meet anyone and that I’d forget to do all of my homework. I guess that last part happened once or twice, but I definitely managed to meet people! I joined up with the ALA student chapter and took on a small role as a publicity committee member, but when your friend’s the president, there are really no small roles! I ended up agreeing to plan a social event for the winter and… well, we’ll get to that in a second.

I went to my first library conference, one for the Academic Library Association of Ohio, last Friday, and it was, you know, a conference. Pretty lame, not leastly because my ride decided we were going to leave at 3am to get there. No, really. But I stumbled my sleep-deprived way through the conference, met some awesome people, and got some swag, so all is good. Then, on the way home, the three of us in the car decided that what would be really awesome would be to have our own student-led conference. In the spring. That we are going to plan. I know!

So I’m pretty excited, but having been to not many conferences in my life, I need your help! We want to make this conference specifically the least boring conference ever. What have been your favorite things about conferences (of any sort) that you’ve attended, ever? Was it a keynote speaker? Breakout session? Snack table? Was there anything you ever thought would have improved the conference you attended if only someone on the planning committee had thought of it? Please share it here!

Okay, back to studying. Thanks for letting me ramble!

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