Mischief Maker’s Manual, by Sir John Hargrave (24 October — 25 October)

Heeheehee. This book was really fun to read, not just because it taught me how to short sheet a bed or make a toilet fizz like crazy, but because the writing in it is awesome. See the passage I copied here or this one about planning pranks (in particular, the short-sheeting one): “There are still important questions to think through: How will you get access to your target’s bed? What happens if someone catches you in the act? What if there’s a vicious house cat hiding under the covers?” These are things you have to know!

I think what I like most about this book is that it really emphasizes pranks over practical jokes, the former being things that are hilarious that don’t actually harm anyone or anything. Almost all of the pranks in the book are good clean fun (and are also easy to clean up!) and are likely to make the target crack up after the fact. I probably wouldn’t buy this for my hypothetical children, but I would definitely get it for my hypothetical nieces and nephews. Teehee.

Rating: 9/10
(Countdown Challenge: 2009)

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