Read-a-thon, Hour 16

Holy cow! Sixteen hours already? (Well, 11 for me, but whatevs!) Measle was cute and entertaining and might be something to get for my brother, but even better is the Mischief Maker’s Manual that I’ve just started and which is HILARIOUS. It’s a guide to pulling off awesome pranks (not practical jokes, but pranks), and as proof of its hilariosity, I proffer this passage: “There’s nothing good about trouble. Stay away from it at all costs. Do not flirt with Danger, and certainly don’t ask Danger to marry you. Under no circumstances should you kiss Danger. Danger doesn’t brush her teeth, and probably has rabies.” Oh, yes. HILARITY. Ahem.


For Hour 17 (which is just starting, so it counts, right?): “Go to your blog and post a list of five favorite children’s books. They don’t have to be THE five end-all-be-all of your favorites, because then you’ll just agonize over which ones to pick, and we want this to be easy. Just list five off the top of your head that you enjoyed as a child, or that your children enjoy.”

1. The Phantom Tollbooth (my favorite book of all time ever?)
2. The Composer is Dead
3. The entire Series of Unfortunate Events
4. The Sherlock Chick books
5. Green Eggs and Ham


Time spent reading: 595 minutes
Pages read: 1132 (+30 minutes of audio)
Books finished: 5
Fun had: Um, THE MOST FUN. I will be sad to put down the Mischief Maker’s Manual, not leastly because Scott will steal it and return it to the library while I am not looking so that I will forget to switch the salt and pepper in the shakers (except I won’t because I wrote it down so HA).

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