Read-a-thon, Hour 11

Nearing halfway on book number four, The Dead and the Gone, which is so far not as nerve-wracking as Life As We Knew It but the whole moon thing is still giving me the heebie-jeebies. Stay in one place, moon! Stay!


For Hour 10:
“What book or books do you return to read again and again and why?” Well, I “read” The Composer is Dead for about the fifth time during today’s Read-a-thon (so good!), but I generally don’t re-read books because there are so many good ones out there! The Phantom Tollbooth is one book I’ve read a million times; I have also read the Harry Potter series multiple times and I’m working on making my way through the Hitchhiker’s Guide series again. Here’s a list of the books I read for a re-read challenge a little while ago: Summer Lovin’ Challenge


Time spent reading: 370 minutes
Pages read: 663 (+30 minutes of audio)
Books finished: 3.5
Fun had: Quite a bit; I love reading through all the comments people are leaving! (Hint? Yes.)

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