Links of the Week

I don’t have any questions to ask authors (this week’s Booking Through Thursday), and I’ll be posting a million times for the read-a-thon this weekend, so today you get your links! Yay, links!

Do you like e-books? So does your library. This is the only reason I’d ever own an e-book reader, but I’m certainly not going to buy one any time soon. (via @ your library)

Kind of appropriate for Hallowe’en… publishing from beyond the grave. Ghostwriting, if you will? I crack myself up. (via The Book Bench)

From that same post: Your brain on reading.

I tweeted this yesterday, and it’s still true that I want it as a poster: 42 Essential 3rd Act Twists for Writers (again via The Book Bench)

Similar: The Electro-Plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre Fiction Generator 2000. (via The Guardian)

Also, John Green’s Paper Towns (which I enjoyed immensely) was voted best book of 2009 by a bunch of those teenage types. He made this video about it.

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