Bookaholism and a children’s books question

So. I went to my local library tonight to do an assignment for my Foundations of Library and Information Science class. And then I walked out with seven books. I am addicted to the bookahol. I am excited, though, because this means more books for my Read-a-thon pile (what’s that? I should make a list? I’ll think about it…)!

Two of the books are from the children’s section, because my youngest brother’s birthday is coming up and I can’t figure out what to buy for him! He has asked for fiction books and “learning books” (aw, cute!), and I’ve gotten him two of the latter but I want to do a one-of-each thing for his birthday (at the end of November) and Christmas (at the end of… oh, you know when that is?).

I plan on giving him The Maze of Bones for Christmas, because that’s got trading cards and stuff that I don’t want my parents to feel obligated to throw in the Christmas stocking, but I need something for his birthday! The two books I got from the library are A Midsummer Night’s Dork and Measle and the Wrathmonk (that one mostly for its awesome name!), and then I was also planning on picking up Diary of a Wimpy Kid but they didn’t have it. But I am always looking for more suggestions! Here are the requirements/suggestions:

1. William is going to be 11, but his reading level’s not quite that high.
2. He won’t read anything that’s too long (I’d say 200 pages maximum).
3. He is obsessed with the A-Z mysteries series, he likes Goosebumps, he has read the Magic Treehouse series and liked it, and I don’t know what else he reads.
4. He is a boy’s boy and doesn’t like things that are girly on principle, but if you can sneak a rockin’ female sidekick in there…
5. He watches a lot of television, especially Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.
6. He is also obsessed with Bakugan/Yugioh/Pokemon/etc.

Got anything for me?

3 thoughts on “Bookaholism and a children’s books question

  1. Carrie says:

    THe Mysterious Benedict Society. (It may be a bit longer BUT it's incredibly entertaining.)

    Skinnybones, by Barbara Park is also hilarious and cute (sounds like it might be something that he would enjoy).

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