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A post not about books! Shock! Awe! But really, it’s sort of about books, so keep reading! There’s even a part where you can coerce me to read more!

So there’s this organization, called Donors Choose, right? And all year long they collect donations tiny and gigantic to fund projects requested by teachers at schools all around the country. Some teachers request copy paper, so they can print things. Others request pencils, so their students can write things. Some request really fun books, so their students can read really fun things. You know.

And each October, Donors Choose hold a contest for blogs/social media to get the word out about the cause and, obviously, get people to donate. I heard about this a while back from Tomato Nation, and in the past few years TN readers (and Sarah Bunting, the genius behind this site) have raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for all these different projects. Whoo!

You may have guessed by now that I would love it if you would go to Donors Choose via TN’s giving page and donate a dollar or two dollars or this week’s Starbucks budget or whatever to your favorite project, especially if it involves books because books are awesome but even if it involves history which is boring. Because how are the kids going to know how boring history really is if they don’t have the resources to learn about it? (Sorry, Amy, but only like 20 percent of my history education was ever actually interesting. Feel free to leave a comment about how awesome it really is!)

Right. Anyway. This thing lasts all month, but there’s nothing wrong with getting your donations in early (and often)! Also, if you check out the Tomato Nation site, there are all these contests and stuff going on and maybe your $5 donation will turn into a really cool prize!

Now for the interesting part: I’m going to do a bit of a readathon throughout the month in honor of Donors Choose and I personally am going to donate $2 to a project for every book I read between now and 31 October. If you want to do the same, just drop a note in the comments or in my e-mail so I know to stalk you later. 🙂 You can donate as I read, or take your whole sum and drop it on a project on the 31st, so long as you do it through Tomato Nation and so long as you tell me so I can feel good about myself. A note for the budget-conscious: I read about 8-10 books per month on average, my highest total was 15 over the summer. I don’t think I’ll be breaking that, but of course I will try. (And I won’t cheat with Golden Books.)

Books read:
1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky

Also, you know, tell your friends. TN raised something like $110,000 last October, but their goal this year is $210,000… that’s going to take a lot of people to accomplish. Spread the word!

2 thoughts on “Donors Choose

  1. Amy says:

    History, when taught well, is totally not boring. I too can't remember a really interesting history class until I started taking like 200 and 300 level classes at Case. Also, history is totally awesome and can teach you lots of cool and interesting things. (and sometimes you pass on these things to your freshmen and they get soo confused).

    Anyhow, I will find a totally nonboring history book for you to read to help prove to kids that not all history is boring 🙂 So answer me this….what is your favorite period/type of history?

  2. Alison says:

    Uh……… 🙂 I've never really gotten into any particular period of history (unless you count reading the Little House books seventy billion times as a kid, which I think everyone did), but I did like reading Pillars of the Earth, which covers most of the 12th century but is fiction so probably there's a lot of stuff that's not quite true in it. 😀

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