BBAW — Favorite Blogs

It’s finally Book Blogger Appreciation Week! What fun! I’ll be participating in the Daily Blogging posts, of which this is the first one, and I’ll still be posting memes and reviews, so it’s going to be a week chock full o’ posts. Get ready!

Today’s topic: Our favorite blogs that didn’t make the awards shortlists.

It turns out that most of my favorite blogs did in fact make the shortlists, which either means I have very good taste or I don’t read enough blogs. Both?

So what I’m going to do is spotlight some blogs that probably you’ve never read: my local library’s staff blogs! I don’t read all of them, and some aren’t updated often, but I love the fact that the staff take the time to put them together, so a round of applause for them.

These I read regularly:
The Lair of the Undead Rat — This one is, actually, updated rather a lot, and I look forward to reading it. It focuses mostly on horror and mystery novels, and graphic novels of those genres, and I’ve added quite a few of them to my virtual TBR pile.
Death Becomes the Librarian — This one is updated not very often at all, but it’s all about mysteries and it’s a good time. A “recent” post that will make up for all the non-posting lists mystery novels that are also science fiction and fantasy.
The (Mis)Education of the Excitable Rat — More mysteries! This is totally a theme, isn’t it?
Picks from the RAT Collective — Lists upon lists of books you should read, by theme.

These I read less regularly, so you get to have the official Heights Library description:
Non Sequiturs from the Tree of Irony — Becky Katzenmeyer reads a little of everything–both fiction and nonfiction. Special interests are religion, biography, literary fiction, gentle ‘cottage fiction,’ popular science and books about autism and other learning disabilities.
The Luminous Page — Carole Wallencheck reads fantasy (one of her special loves is Terry Pratchett), fiction dealing with art as well as nonfiction art books along with alternative health and spiritual biography.
Literary Journeys with the Travelin’ Rat — Raidene Hebert enjoys literary fiction, travel, the more gentle mysteries, culinary mysteries and fiction with exotic settings. She also reads general nonfiction, culinary and travel memoirs and enjoys books having a strong sense of place.

In case you’re wondering about the “rat” theme, the Heights Library system calls these guys their Reader’s Advisory Team Services. It’s not ’cause they’re smelly, I promise. 🙂

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