Quick notes

One: LeVar Burton was on Talk of the Nation yesterday reminiscing with callers about the death of Reading Rainbow. I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t really address the reasons for the show’s cancellation, but I was glad that people called in in support of the show. And really, he was only on for fifteen minutes so I’m just happy to have heard his pleasant voice.

Two: I generally tell people that if they really want me to read a book, they should put a copy in my hands because then I’ll feel more obligated to read it and return it. But maybe I should stop that, because I came home from my friends’ house last night with six books to add to that pretty sidebar over on the left. We’ll see how long it takes to get their books back to them!

Three: Online courses are difficult and annoying because I’d really rather be reading right now than watching four hours (I hope that’s an exaggeration) of taped lectures about how to buy a computer.

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