B is for Beer, by Tom Robbins (28 August)

This is a weird little book. It is subtitled both “A Children’s Book for Grown-ups” and “A Grown-up Book for Children” and it has a big ol’ glass of beer on the front. Oh, yes.

It’s basically an excuse for Tom Robbins to write a book of fun facts about beer and how it’s brewed in the “explain this to my five-year-old daughter” way, because the protagonist is five and gets curious about beer. Her uncle, Moe, who is totally that slacker uncle that your kids love and you don’t care much for, promises to take her on a brewery tour for her sixth birthday, but when her birthday totally falls apart it doesn’t happen. So she drinks a bunch of beer (for a six-year-old, anyway), vomits, and then goes on an adventure with the Beer Fairy. Yeah, you read that right.

It was cute! And entertaining. And wholly unbelievable. And it had some bad puns. Really bad. Terrible. But it’s still really funny.

Rating: 7/10

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