Princeps’ Fury, by Jim Butcher (23 August — 25 August)

More Codex Alera! I really do love this series.

So let’s see. This book picks up not too long after the last book. The Canim are on their way home with Tavi, except that when they get there, there’s not much home left, because the vord are back, and have taken over some ridiculously large portion of the Canim lands, which are themselves ridiculously large. Yaaay.

Meanwhile, back in Alera, the vord are back! Yaaay. This is sort of good, because the Citizens stop bickering about the First Lord for a while, but bad because, you know, there are lots of people dying. It’s also bad because the vord have figured out how to furycraft. Lame. There are a couple stories here — Bernard and Amara go off to do some skulking and figure out things like where the queen is and how the vord are getting around; Isana goes north to negotiate a truce between Alera and the Icemen, a fight which has been going on apparently needlessly for years.

I was a bit miffed with this book because the story doesn’t get all neatly wrapped up as it does in the other books. I mean, all of the storylines I described above are completed, but the overarching battle isn’t done yet. It’s not a big deal, but I’m glad the next book comes out in a couple months! Except then I’m caught up with the series and will have to start waiting for books again! Oh no! I’m gonna go cry in a corner now… or just read some more books…

Rating: 7/10

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