Links of the Week

Linkies! This first one is from me, to you: my dear Mary-friend hooked me up with GoodReads yesterday and now I am addicted. Please feel free to call me a dork, but also you should think about signing up and being my friend. Also, the book club I mentioned last week is being hosted on GoodReads and is still in its infancy… if you’re interested in joining up, let me know!

Other things that might interest you:

This article from The Guardian informed me that Wuthering Heights is capitalizing on Twilight. You heard that right.

An interesting look at rejected book covers. (via

Dan Brown is probably not a book killer. (via LISNews)

Can’t remember what that book was called, you know, the one you read in second grade with the aliens and the fish in the ear (and no, it wasn’t by Douglas Adams)? Check out the Loganberry Books website to see if they already have the answer. Or send them a couple bucks and they’ll try to solve it for you. Best of all, I’ve actually been to this bookstore! (via LISNews)

One thought on “Links of the Week

  1. Mary says:

    Re: Emily Bronte
    This is terrible… I would rather that no one ever read Wuthering Heights outside of class ever again than have it blasphemed into the falsely conservative adolescent blackmail machine that is the Twilight empire. And THEN as if that wasn't bad enough… the author goes and pulls the fake feminist card and says that Bronte would have just appreciated the fake that her name was on the books at all?! Puh-leeze.

    Re: Dan Brown
    It's funny… I now have a larger number of friends who are very knowledgeable about Renaissance/Catholic/Italian art, and they don't hate him. They make fun of the fact that those books are written like they're for 5th graders, the fact that symbology is not a real thing, and the historical inaccuracies, but most of them saw Angels and Demons and liked it. If he at least marginally passes their tests… I feel like he deserves to get past the yuppie book lovers the article talks about.

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