Links of the Week

Hey, guys! I’m going to start posting links to the various book-related things I find around the internets that I want to share with you all. It will be exciting. These links are pretty much all via LISNews, except where otherwise noted.

Brandon Sanderson is a beast. (via

If children’s books had smuttier titles.

Should we let poor people into our libraries? Someone thinks not.

I’m glad my library doesn’t do this.

Would you be more likely to buy the Kindle if it were available at your local bookstore? I don’t think that would change my mind unless I could use a Borders coupon on it. 🙂

Things not to do with a book.

The 100 books you should have read in college, as decided on by some arbitrary person. I like these lists because they give you good ideas, but I don’t think this list is going to get me to read Principia Mathematica. Or The Lord of the Rings, for that matter. (via Educating Petunia)

On a related housekeeping note, I want to start including links to other reviews of the books I read. We’ll start off small: if you’ve reviewed any of the last five books I’ve read (The Hunger Games, Brave New World, Castle, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, or The Android’s Dream), you should go visit those posts and comment with a link. Then, if you’re feeling super ambitious, go check out my archives for others and put your links there, too! Then, if you’re feeling medium ambitious, you should keep on sending the links as I put up new reviews. 🙂

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