Captain’s Fury, by Jim Butcher (3 July — 4 July)

I took a long (for me, anyway) break from the Codex Alera series because of the “little tiny major thing that happens at the very end and makes me want to scream in frustration” part of the third book. I was like, no way. Uh-uh. And then I was in the library, and the fourth book was there, and I was like, who knows? Maybe it could be okay.

And, well, you know, I’m glad I did. Because the thing that could have been frustrating was actually very well-handled and blah, blah, if I had a hat I didn’t care much for, I’d eat it. And since it’s not really central to the plot, I will just move along now.

So it’s been two years since that big battle with the Canim, and Tavi is still leading his army under the guise of Rufus Scipio. Things are as they ever were, except that an Aleran senator called Arnos thinks that fighting is easy-peasy and brings in a couple of legions of his “First Senatorial” to complement (read: take over for) Tavi’s First Aleran. Arnos is ready to lead his troops to their death, which was not on Tavi’s agenda for the year and as such Tavi does what he can to thwart Arnos’s plans. Of course, then Arnos thwarts Tavi by catching him at “treason” (read: talking to the head of the Canim troops to attempt to declare a cease-fire) and gets Tavi thrown in jail. Oops.

Meanwhile, the First Lord has decided that being passive is for losers and recruits Amara and Bernard to help him walk into Kalare’s stronghold (literally; Gaius Sextus’s furies are being tracked so he can’t use them) and stop Kalare from a) destroying his own people and b) destroying the Aleran government. This is a good plan until Sextus injures himself but good and walking becomes limping becomes riding a sled through a swamp.

As usual, there is lots of fighting and lots of furycrafting and a little bit of sexing and some double-crossing and maybe triple-crossing but I can’t keep track of all that intrigue. This series is definitely back on my good list.

Rating: 7.5/10
(Countdown Challenge: 2007, Chunkster Challenge)

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