June Wrap-Up

Days spent reading: 25
Books read: 10
…in fiction: 9
…in science fiction: 2
…in mystery: 2
…in non-fiction: 1
…in thriller: 1
…in short stories: 1
…in fantasy: 1
…in graphic novels: 1
…in young adult: 3

Series reads: none

Favorite book: Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow (Review) 9/10
and Woman With Birthmark by Håkan Nesser (Review) 9/10

Countdown Challenge: +2 books for 42/45
Summer Lovin’ Challenge: +0 books for 0/10
Chunkster Challenge: +1 books for 5/6
The Baker Street Challenge: +0 books for 0/3
My Year of Reading Dangerously Challenge: +1 books for 1/12
Support Your Local Library Challenge: +4 books for 50/50 Completed!
Orbis Terrarum Challenge: +2 books for 8/10

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