Housekeeping Notes

First, because I forgot to mention this when it happened, I’ve completed the Support Your Local Library Challenge! I said I’d read 50 library books this year, and I have. In less than six months. Hmm. Considering I said I’d read 60 books total this year…. Well, that just goes to show you what unemployment will do to a girl. We’ll see how classes and homework affect this reading rate for the rest of the year.

Also, I’m trying to fix up my Blogger template because I did a rather hack job of turning it into three columns a while back. I’ve found a 3-column version of this template done by someone cooler than me, but I also might go with something different, who knows? Basically, if you visit this site more than once today, you might see some construction going on. If you’ve got any suggestions for things I should add or take away, sidebar-wise, let me know!

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