Who Slashed Celanire’s Throat?, by Maryse Condé (13 May — 18 May)

Note to Mary: If the next book recommended by you that I read has even one person dying in it, I’m going to consider this a trend.

To everyone else: Remember how I read this book and I was all, “suddenly everyone and his sister wants to kill someone else”? Well, even if they had, there still wouldn’t be as many deaths as happen in this book! But, luckily, these deaths aren’t quite so graphic as Zola’s.

Basically what happens in this book is that there’s a missionary called Celanire who shows up at a village in Africa conveniently soon (practically immediately after) the death of the man she was meant to work for, so she gets his job of running a home for “half-castes” — basically biracial children whose parent(s) don’t want that transgression running around underfoot. Celanire does awesome things with the home and also starts empowering women and also starts making moves on pretty much every sentient being in the town. There’s more to Celanire than meets the eye, which we find out in bits and pieces as we follow her from the Ivory Coast to Guadeloupe to Peru on her quest to set right some old wrongs.

It’s not really a page-turner, as they say, but Condé kept me interested in the book’s big questions: Who is this Celanire? Who slashed her throat, and why? What kind of person would allow that to happen? Just how exactly does karma feel when it comes back to bite you? How much weird shit can Celanire get away with?

Rating: 8/10
(Support Your Local Library Challenge, Orbis Terrarum Challenge: Guadeloupe)

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