Pretties, by Scott Westerfeld (12 May — 13 May)

Pretties is the second of Westerfeld’s crazy dystopian series, following Uglies, which I read last month. So, you know, there are spoilers if you haven’t read that other one.

In this go, Tally has turned herself pretty and is, in fact, a total pretty-head. She’s about to be voted into a clique called the Crims, short for Criminals, which Shay (now her bff again) is already a member of. But on the night of the vote, Tally runs into a Smoky called Croy that she vaguely remembers knowing once and who promises to leave her a note before he and the other Smokies run away from Special Circumstances.

The note, which Tally finds with the help of the lead Crim, Zane, is the one that Tally wrote to herself in the last book. It also includes two pills for curing the operation. Tally is too nervous to take them herself but won’t let Zane risk his life, either, so they each take one just seconds before the Specials break into their hiding place.

Now cured, Tally and Zane set to work on getting as many Pretties as possible to realize the ridiculousness of their situation and to breaking out of New Pretty Town. It sort of works, sort of doesn’t, and Tally finds herself in all sorts of trouble all over again. Whoo!

I love how fast these books go and how incredibly engaging they are, and you know I’ll be rescuing Specials from the library just as soon as it comes back.

Rating: 7.5/10
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