Musing Mondays (9 March)

Today’s Musing Mondays question:

“What is your policy when it comes to new authors? Do you feel comfortable purchasing a book or do you prefer to borrow new authors from the library? How often do you ‘try out’ a new author?”

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really buy books anymore now that I’m making negative money, so it should come as no surprise that I prefer to borrow books by new-to-me authors from the library or friends. Even when I did buy books often, I wouldn’t take a chance on a book I wasn’t going to like; either I had to like the author or it had to be recommended to me by several people. These days, the only way I’m going to buy a book is if I’ve read it and loved it and plan on reading it again and lending it to others to read.

2 thoughts on “Musing Mondays (9 March)

  1. Jenners says:

    We are polar opposites — I’m a “throw caution to the wind” type reader. But if I was making negative money, I would be much much much more cautious. At least with book swapping sites, you can be more adventurous.

  2. Kathrin says:

    I have to say I envy you a little. I’m a student, so money’s tight for me as well. Unfortunately, the libraries here – suck… So I spend the money I have left on books. I think if I could use libraries as much as I wanted I would read even more new-to-me authors!

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