Pandemonium, by Daryl Gregory (8 February)

This morning it felt like forever since I picked up a book, even though I finished Children of God, you know, three days ago. I’d meant to start this book right away, but instead I went to the movies twice (Underworld was okay for not having seen the others; Coraline was awesome and I can’t wait to pick up my hold copy from the library) and was otherwise generally lazy. As happens.

Anyway, this book was definitely exciting to me. I picked it up off the new releases shelf at the library because the title had the word “demon” highlighted within “pandemonium” and because the back promised me demonic possession and an appearance by a possessed Philip K. Dick. How do you go wrong with that?

Basically the book tackles the question, what if demons calling themselves The Truth and The Painter and The Captain and several other great stock-character names decided to inhabit people’s bodies at random for kicks and giggles? And, also, what if one of those possessed people realized he never got un-possessed and tried to figure out how to get rid of The Hellion inside him?

I liked it. Pandemonium certainly isn’t literary, but it’s excellent book candy and a quick read. The plot and style remind me of Christopher Moore (whose books I should really get back to reading, now that I think about it), and that’s a compliment.

Rating: 8/10
(Countdown Challenge: 2008, Support Your Local Library Challenge)

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