Just After Sunset, by Stephen King (17 January — 20 January)

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of short stories, but I do like Stephen King and I really like the cover of this book (sunset-y and out of focus), so I picked it up.

As I figured, some of the stories were cool and some were lame (mostly the ones that King describes in his endnotes as more dictation than fiction). They cover topics including what happens after we die, what you should do if someone wants to murder you, why you should (or shouldn’t, I suppose…) pick up hitchhikers, and why you should never become a psychiatrist. One of these stories also contains feces.

All in all a good set of short stories.

Rating: 7/10 (for 8/13 stories enjoyed and the lame ones being short)
(Countdown Challenge: 2008, Support Your Local Library Challenge)

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