Year in Review

I’ve been doing my Summer Reading Project for a few years now, but since I graduated, I realized I had so much more time for reading that I wanted to keep recording it through the year.

I started this blog at the end of August and retroactively put up all of my summer reviews to start it off. Then I started reading like crazy, apparently! It really amazes me that for the past two months I’ve read two books per week, and most of them fairly long books at that.

Not counting all of the books I read for my spring semester classes (and there were a lot!), I read 41 books in eight months. Thus, using my math-jitsu skills, I’m going to set next year’s goal at the same pace, 60 books in one year. I think I can totally do it.

Without further ado, because lists are awesome…

2008, in review
Books read: 41
The Sparrow (Rating: 9.5/10)
The Likeness (Rating: 10/10)
In the Woods (Rating: 9.0/10)
The Palace of Illusions (Rating: 9/10)
Right Ho, Jeeves (Rating: 9/10)

New favorite authors: Tana French and Jasper Fforde
Authors I’ll be keeping an eye on: Mary Doria Russell, John Green, Neil Gaiman

Month by Month

Books read: 3
Favorite: The Philosopher’s Apprentice (Rating: 8/10)

Books read: 4
Favorite: The Palace of Illusions (Rating: 9/10)

Books read: 2
Favorite: Storm Front (Rating: 8/10)

Books read: 6
Favorite: Right Ho, Jeeves (Rating: 9/10)

Books read: 5
Favorite: The Sparrow (Rating: 9.5/10)

Books read: 5
Favorite: Misery (Rating: 8/10)

Books read: 8
Favorite: The Likeness (Rating: 10/10)

Books read: 8
Favorite: The Shadow of the Wind (Rating: 8/10)

My New Year’s resolution for this blog is to do a wrap-up at the end of every month. Maybe I can keep this one!

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