Misery, by Stephen King (4 October — 12 October)

My second book for the RIP Challenge… I’m a little bit behind in getting to four, but I think I can make it yet, as I’ve just started two challenge-appropriate books.

Misery is about an author called Paul Sheldon who gets into an horrific car crash and wakes up as the ward of a nurse, Annie Wilkes, who just so happens to be Paul’s self-proclaimed “number one fan.” Unfortunately, her love of Paul — and his series of popular fiction novels about a woman called Misery — coexists with a fragile mind that isn’t prepared to let Paul go any time soon. She also has a bit of a mother mentality — when Paul does something bad, like, say, kills off Misery or tries to escape his captor, he’s in for a world of hurt, both mentally and physically.

I very much liked this book. At first, I wasn’t sure it would really classify as an RIP Challenge book, as there wasn’t anything particularly scary or gory about the storyline, just a crazy lady keeping an author hostage. But when it started getting creepy, it was creepy. I was constantly stopping in the middle of a paragraph, looking at my man, and yelling, “This woman is CRAZY!” Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not popular enough to be kidnapped any time soon.

Rating: 8/10
(RIP Challenge)

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